Web Design

Static Web Design

If you just need a very simple website/webpage that doesn’t change, this may be your solution!

  • Single page/landing page starting from $150
  • Three Page site starting from $350.00!
  • Additional Pages $100 each page

Custom WordPress Sites

Whether you need a self hosted blog or a complete business solution, consider doing it on the WordPress CMS platform!

Complete WordPress solutions starting as low as $500.00!

Electronic Press Kit

Let us create a state of the art EPK for you!

Press Kits, or Media Kits, have been used for years to promote a person, company, or organization and distributed to members of the media for promotional use.

Electronic Press Kits take that theory to the next level in providing a means to give live links to websites and biographies as well as examples of work done for promotional purposes.

Custom Electronic Press Kits starting from $500.00!

Static Web Design

A static website contains Web pages with fixed content. Each page is coded in HTML and displays the same information to every visitor. Static sites are the most basic type of website and are the easiest to create. Unlike dynamic websites, they do not require any Web programming or database design. A static site can be built by simply creating a few HTML pages and publishing them to a Web server.

Since static Web pages contain fixed code, the content of each page does not change unless it is manually updated by the webmaster.

The static website is a simple website design which is cost effective and beneficial for the small enterprises or individual to expand their business through the web. Through a static website individuals or small businesses can place simple information regarding their company and products in a simple manner and at low cost. This type of website is very useful for expanding the market of a small company with its information and appearance on the Internet (brand identity).

Also termed as Small Business Website and Brochure Websites; Static Websites provides you with an online showcase where you can display your offerings to prospective visitors or clients. Static Websites follow “What you see is what you have” concept, thus, ideal for those companies or individuals who just need the website to establish their web presence or use it as a contact platform for their clients.

Advantages of static Websites:

  1. Speed — Perhaps the most immediately noticeable characteristic of a static site is how fast it is. As mentioned above, there are no database queries to run, no templating and no processing whatsoever on every request.
  2. Version control for content — You can’t even imagine working on a project without version control anymore, can you? Having a repository where people can collaboratively work on files, control exactly who does what and rollback changes when something goes wrong is essential in any software project, no matter how small.
  3. Security — Platforms like WordPress are used by millions of people around the world, meaning they’re common targets for hackers and malicious attacks — no way around it. Wherever there’s user input/authentication or multiple processes running code on every request, there’s a potential security hole to exploit. To be on top of the situation, site administrators need to keep patching their systems with security updates, constantly playing cat and mouse with attackers, a routine that may be overlooked by less experienced users.
  4. Less hassle with the server — Installing and maintaining the infrastructure required to run a dynamic site can be quite challenging, especially when multiple servers are involved or when something needs to be migrated. There’s packages, libraries, modules and frameworks with different versions and dependencies, there’s different web servers and database engines in different operating systems.
  5. Traffic surges — Unexpected traffic peaks on a website can be a problem, especially when it relies intensively on database calls or heavy processing. Introducing caching layers such as Varnish or Memcached surely helps, but that ends up introducing more possible points of failure in the system.

Disadvantages of Static Websites

  1. No dynamic content — a static page obviously can’t pull in any data from a database. Say you had a static blog, not only would you have to create a new HTML file for every post, you’d also have to edit the overview page to contain an excerpt and a link to the post.
  2. Harder to maintain — for every change to your content, you’d have to edit an HTML file. Which would require you to have a knowledge of FTP, HTML, CSS, and possibly JavaScript or you would have to hire an expensive developer to make the changes for you. If you want to change the layout or even add an extra item to the navigation, you’d have to touch every single page. With a CMS (such as WordPress), updates can be made through an easy to use database driven back-end.

Pricing for Static Sites

Single page static website



  1. One (1) complete static HTML page
  2. A clean elementary design with one (1) hour graphic design and one revision
  3. Any extra functionality will be billed separately. (Contact forms, photo galleries, etc…)
  4. Logo Design is billed separately.

Three Page Website

Six Page Website

Custom WordPress Development

Premium Themes

Custom Themes Developed

Premium Plugins

Custom Plugins

Premium Themes

Choose your theme from our repository of themes and we will install that theme on your WordPress site.

This includes:

  • Installing of theme
  • Installing Contact Form 7 & programming your first contact form
  • Creation of your first three pages
  • Five (5) hours training time

Starting From: $350.00

Custom Theme Development

Can’t find the perfect theme?
Let us develop a custom theme to your pixel perfect needs!


  • Custom Home/Landing page design (three revisions)
  • Page layout design (three revisions)
  • Blog layout design (three revisions)
  • Installation of your custom theme
  • Creation of your first three pages
  • Eight (8) hours training time

Starting From: $500.00

Premium and Custom Plugins

Your WordPress Plugins just not giving you the functionality you need?

Browse our selection of premium plugins or let us develop a custom plugin to your specifications!

Starting From: $20.00

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